Making Your Home More Lively

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No one wants to own or live in a dull and lifeless home, just as much as no one would want to visit that kind of home. One thing that makes a home a home is that spark, the light, that liveliness in the home.

Making your home more lively, means more fun, more zest and more vibes at home. With a lively home, you would hardly want to go out, because you might just feel homesick, missing your home more.

So how do you make your home more lively, a place where you can stay in and have peace of mind.

I’ll be giving you some useful tips on how you can make your homes lively and habitable.  Things you can do in making your home more lively. I’ll be sharing some helpful tips that I’m pretty sure would guide you in making the perfect home.

1. Have a neatly made bed: believe it or not, having a made bed has a psychological effect on you. You feel more alive at home, when there is space, enough for you to play around, and when you are tired, you can just fall into your ready-made bed.

2. Use friendly colors, when decorating your home: now I’m not saying you should design your home with all manners of irregular colors, but it will be very nice, welcoming and lively when you have and use friendly colors on your curtains, wall, chairs, and furniture, would make the house a whole lot livelier don’t you agree?

3. Increase the level of sentimentality in your home: this next point sounds a bit long, but it is essential. When we talk about sentimentality, we are simply referring to memories; where you have memories of loved ones around, in forms of pictures, artifacts, and furniture, being that it has sentimental value to you, (and others who the same), would make the house a lot more lively.

4. Do fun stuff: it’s not only the things you put at home, (like the furniture and curtains) that makes that home lively, but also the things you do while at home. And by that I mean, those fun things you do with your family, like grilling, having family nights, game nights, and so much more, it’s all left to your discretion. Sure having a pool in your backyard is cool, but so is spending quality time with the family having so much fun, you could even swim together, have competitions in the pool. I’ve said too much.

5. Reading helps too: this point is more of a personal point for those readers. After having a wonderful day, or even a bad day, you could simply just come back home, to the bed that you made, and read any of your favorite books. Reading helps to calm the mind, who knows reading at that time may be the highlight of your day.

6. Flowers are welcoming: now I would use another subheading, but I would prefer you get the picture. When you have a flower vase, with actual flowers in them, it not only shows that you love mature, but that you also are making an effort to having your home more lively.


Making your home more lively cannot be overemphasized. For one, it makes you happier. Another reason would be that you would have people want to visit you more. Lively homes are unmistakably the most approachable homes. Why not make your home more lively.

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